Farewell to a Principal


To the Carey College Community

10 years ago Rowan Clark was appointed as the Secondary Principal of Carey Baptist College Harrisdale after having served two years as Assistant Principal.  During that 10 years and under Mr Clark’s leadership,  the Secondary school has grown in size, success and reputation. 

Under his Leadership it has developed from a school of just over 400 students to the 640 it is today with the systems, facilities and staffing all evolving.  Over that time Mr Clark and his team have invested and shaped the lives and futures of over 1000 graduates, building a reputation for the College in the community for its educational excellence and pastoral care as well as in many other areas.  

Carey as a broader organisation has also grown significantly during that time with the development of a second campus and the Carey Centre, both of which have impacted and shaped the community.  Rowan’s leadership and energies have contributed greatly to these changes.

Mr Clark has decided to move on to a new part of his professional life, leaving a profound legacy and vibrant secondary College in his wake. The College is grateful for his leadership, his passion for the mission of Carey and his heart for his staff and the families he has served in his time here. 

Please join us in thanking Mr Clark for his many years of service and to wish him every success in his future professional endeavours.


Dr Graeme Cross  |  Chair of the Governors’ Council

David Kilpatrick  |  Executive Director                        


Interim Secondary School Leadership Structure
Semester 2, 2017

The Governance Council has appointed an interim leadership structure for Semester 2, 2017: 

Mr Brenden Gifford, who is a founding Carey staff member and currently the Dean of Curriculum, will be the Acting Principal (Secondary). The Council is grateful that Mr Gifford has agreed to take on this role and has full confidence in his ability to fulfil the associated responsibilities.

We are also pleased to announce that Mrs Jennifer Argue‘s role as Executive Principal within the College will be expanded to include a level of engagement with the Secondary as well as the Primary School on the Harrisdale campus. This arrangement is designed to provide additional support to Mr Gifford during this interim period with a particular focus on leadership development across the organisation.

Finally, the current long-standing Assistant Principal Ms Kellie Newbold has been appointed to the position of Acting Principal (Primary) on the Harrisdale campus. This will enable Mrs Argue to relinquish some of her current responsibilities in the primary school and redirect her efforts into the newly expanded role.

During Term 3 of this year, the Governance Council and Carey Board will be undertaking a thorough review of the leadership structure across the organisation with a view to identifying the most appropriate model for the years ahead. Once the preferred model is identified, recruitment will begin for the positions for 2018.


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