Our Story

Carey is a community of people united by a common dream. We long for nothing less than a world transformed by Christ’s love, and we believe as a community that we are called on mission with God to attempt the extraordinary.

Central to our purpose is Carey Baptist College:

Established in 1998, Carey Baptist College has grown into a leading co-educational Christian school in Perth’s south-east.

The College is well known and respected for its holistic education of students in academic excellence and pastoral care together with it’s passionate local community service.

Our founding campus in Harrisdale offers an established co-educational College, educating over 1400 students from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Carey Baptist College established it’s Forrestdale campus in 2016 and has partnered with local families in developing a vibrant community with an expanding co-educational offering of Primary and Secondary education. This campus currently offers Kindergarten to Year 6 education, expanding into Secondary School in 2019.


Carey Group

At Carey we attempt the extraordinary. We are named after the pioneering Baptist missionary William Carey, who famously urged, ‘Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God,’ advice Carey has sought to live by. It has birthed a remarkable community where hope, compassion, family and learning are valued and fostered, and we have been able to celebrate many successes along the way.

We began in 1996, when a handful of pioneers, with a median age of just 25, committed to build a church that was turned inside out. Led by Pastor Steve Izett, they dreamt of a place which would be a home for the community, one where faith in God doesn’t provide an excuse to escape from the world, but is a springboard for relevant and active engagement with it.

Turning that dream from words into action involved planting Carey Baptist College, and later Jump Early Development Services, and as we walk around the impressive buildings on Carey’s 10 hectare site, interact with the 1400 students, or hear of the difference it has made in the community, it is easy to forget the fragility of Carey’s birth. It is a testament to God’s provision and guidance and a reminder of what is possible when a community of ordinary people are prepared to embark on a journey of faith with an extraordinary God.

Right throughout the journey, Carey has continued to dream. As the first school campus flourished and grew, and as the church matured and deepened, new possibilities emerged. Vision documents in the last decade have prayerfully articulated where Carey believed God was leading.

This has included establishing a new campus, building the Carey Centre, and to investigate the viability of reproducing itself over and over again. In tangible terms, this has led to the purchase of 20 hectares of land in Forrestdale where the Carey Forrestdale venture has begun with a new church, college, and in due course, a childcare centre and community centre.

Back on the Harrisdale campus the imposing Carey Centre has been built, opening doors to multiple new opportunities to relevantly and helpfully engage with the Harrisdale community.

With the birth of the Forrestdale campus we are forever changed. We move from Carey the campus to Carey the movement, and are committed to developing the capacity to reproduce other campuses. God has taken us on a breathtaking ride. And now it is time to dream again. Where will Carey be in 2020?