Complaints and Disputes at Carey Baptist College

A characteristic of Carey Baptist College is a strong commitment to respond positively to complaints. In particular, the partnership between parents and The College is a strong and reliable feature of Carey. Parents and other school community members must be confident that staff will listen and respond to their needs and concerns.

We have an “Open Door” policy at Carey Baptist College, where parents are valued and involved with the school, as well as encouraged to voice their concerns. It is better to have a direct complaint to a member of staff than to have parents sharing their dissatisfaction with others.

We encourage you to contact us directly by phone or email if you have a complaint or concern. Please contact the relevant area of the College as shown below.


Harrisdale Campus: Primary School Office
Phone: (08) 9394 9133  |  Email:

Harrisdale Campus: Secondary School Office
Phone: (08) 9394 9151  |  Email:

Forrestdale Campus: Primary Office
Phone: (08) 96166 2222  |  Email:

All other complaints or concerns regarding Carey Baptist College
Address to the Business Manager, email





View our Complaints and Disputes policy.