From the Principal, Mr Nigel Wise

Since our commencement in 2016, it has been exciting to see the establishment of a strong community at our School. We are excited to partner with families in the launch of our Secondary School, commencing with Year 7 in 2019.

Carey Forrestdale has benefited significantly from the years of experience garnered through our journey at the Harrisdale Campus. Much of the richness of this experience has been brought to bear in the planning, building and running of Carey Forrestdale.

Guided by passionate and skilled Carey educators who will facilitate an extensive curriculum offering, students will be encouraged to explore their God-given talents and unique strengths.

Our desire is for you and your family to be an integral part of this new community as we partner to focus on the holistic needs of the young lives that we are shaping towards a fulfilling future.

We believe that every encounter is an opportunity and we encourage parents to be a part of our community throughout and beyond your child’s years of learning at Carey Forrestdale.

Together, we can attempt the extraordinary.

Principal Forrestdale Carey Baptist College School

Secondary School will commence at Carey Forrestdale in 2019.

We are now enrolling for Year 7 students in 2019. Join many other local families who are giving their child a unique leadership opportunity at the growing Carey Forrestdale campus.

View our Secondary School Prospectus or contact our Enrolments Team to learn more.

Secondary Pioneers
Introductory Tuition Fee Offer

To honour the Year 7 families who will be joining us as the Secondary pioneers in 2019 and 2020, we are offering an introductory tuition fee which is substantially discounted from our normal fee.

To view the tuition fees for Year 7 in 2019 and 2020, click here.

Limited places are available. We encourage families to complete an Application Form early to increase the likelihood of securing a place at the College.

Secondary School Information Evenings

Carey Forrestdale’s Secondary School is launching with Year 7 in 2019. Families are invited to join us at an upcoming Information Evening to hear about the Secondary School, and to ask any questions you have.

Upcoming Information Evenings

Wednesday 9 May | 7:00pm
Wednesday 1 August | 7:00pm

Book your place for an Information Evening now.

Carey Baptist College Tours Forrestdale


Carey Forrestdale offers a unique educational experience for our students. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of curriculum delivered by Christian educators to our growing school community. There are exciting opportunities for students and families to pioneer with us through the development of our campus, curriculum and culture.

The College Governors’ Council have engaged experienced Carey Secondary staff with expertise in current National and State curriculum requirements to form the Secondary Program for Carey Forrestdale. Students will be offered a range of subject options to experience a rich and varied curriculum.

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning plays an integral role in the approach to learning at Carey Forrestdale. We believe in the value of immersing young people in the natural world. Our Campus is in a bush setting, with wetlands and bush areas intentionally retained to provide high quality, on-site outdoor classrooms. The landscape that surrounds us provides unlimited opportunities for academic, personal, community and spiritual growth.

To read more about the subjects on offer at Carey Forrestdale and our approach to learning, download our prospectus.

Pastoral Care

Our staff are committed to facilitating the development of the whole child – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. It is our desire to see each student reach his or her God-given potential.

At its heart, Carey is about relationships. Positive, healthy relationships will assist our young people to effectively navigate the challenges of adolescence and help them to thrive in the school environment.

To this end, our commitment to strong Pastoral Care is unwavering and underpins all that we do. We believe it is the responsibility of all staff to care for students and to create an environment where each student has the opportunity to flourish.

Our Campus Pastoral Care team consists of the Principal, on-site Chaplain, on-site Psychologist and Senior Pastor. The Forrestdale Campus is also home to Carey Baptist Church, where services are held on a weekly basis.

A Mentoring Program is also available on-site, where selected students meet up regularly with a mentor to focus on their personal development and interests.

To read more about our focus on Pastoral Care at Carey Forrestdale, download our prospectus.

College Life


Year 7 students at Carey Forrestdale participate in a school camp. The camp provides fantastic opportunities for students to grow in relationship with one another, and develop important personal skills, in a fun and safe environment.

Leadership Opportunities

The growing community at Carey Forrestdale provides once in a lifetime, unique leadership opportunities for founding students. As the first year group going through the Secondary School, students will be given numerous opportunities to lead the younger year groups and to be a positive influence. By leading younger year groups, students will be encouraged to be more confident, responsible and organised – skills that will help them throughout their life.

Co-Curricular Activities

In addition to the core academic program, co-curricular activities will be developed based on the needs and interests of the students and community. Our Campus currently offers classical piano and voice tuition through our highly reputed Carey Music Program. A junior and senior choir is also offered along with opportunities to perform. Our music tutors hold lessons with our students on-site during school hours. We anticipate the interest in musical education to continue and look forward to aiding the natural growth of this co-curricular option through ensembles and school bands.