Music Programme

We are proud to have one of the best
Music Programmes in Western Australia, staffed by tutors and educators that are respected nationally for shaping
outstanding musicians.


This programme was founded in 1999 with a handful of passionate music students and today, the programme extends from Pre-Primary to Year 12 ATAR levels on a wide range of musical instruments including voice.



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Carey’s Music Programme is
dedicated to the success of our students.

We offer weekly tuition, timetabled during the school day, from Pre-Primary through to Year 12 ATAR levels on a range of musical instruments including voice.

Carey Harrisdale provides the platform for students to commence their journeys toward musical excellence, toward tertiary study in Music, or perhaps toward a career in the music industry. Through the support of our families, industry partners and other stakeholders, we offer the use of quality professional instruments and equipment, maintained by reputable people to the highest standards. The College endorses and provides learning experiences and assessments in accordance with the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) syllabi. This includes preparing for both practical and written examinations. Tutors will establish programmes for each student based on what is regarded by the tutors as the best pathway for development.

Over 20 tutors and educators conduct more than 270 weekly music tuition sessions for Carey music programme students.

The College endorses and provides learning experiences and assessments in accordance with the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) syllabi. This includes preparing for both practical and written examinations. Tutors will establish programmes for each student based on what is regarded by the tutors as the best pathway for development.

Pathways include:

  • Jazz (Specialist Music Pathways)
  • Contemporary Popular Music (CPM)
  • Western Art Music Traditions
  • Music for Leisure

All examinations successfully completed and reported to the School Curriculum and Standards Authority:

  • Are listed on the student’s WASSA (Western Australian Statement of Student Achievement)
  • May contribute towards the breadth and depth requirement of WACE
  • May contribute towards the C grade requirement of the WACE

The College also offers an extensive Co-Curricular Ensemble Programme, students are encouraged to participate.


  • What Instruments do you offer?

    Pre-Primary students upwards:

    • Piano
    • Classical Guitar
    • Violin
    • Percussion from Year 2
    • Flute from Year 4

    Year 5 students upwards include the above as well as:

    • Woodwind – Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone
    • Strings – Violin, Viola, Cello, Classical Guitar
    • Voice – Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Theatre and Western Art Music
    • Brass – Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, French Horn

    Year 7 students upwards include the above as well as:

    • Strings: Double Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar
    • Percussion: Drum Set
    • Holistic Musicianship* – Music Theory, Music Craft (Aural Training and Theory), Composition and Arranging.
      *A certain level of musical proficiency is required for individual tuition in these areas.

    Contact the Music Administration at the College for further information on prerequisites.

  • Music Tuition Programme documents

Success Stories

  • Carey music student, Abbie Langford won the Alan Corbert Musician award from the WAAPA Jazz Camp in July 2017. Abbie was recognised for her musicianship, leadership, helping others and her overall positivity.
  • A record of seven 2016 Carey Music graduates were accepted into the James Morrison Academy in 2017.
  • All of our 2016 Music graduates were accepted into university music courses.


There are too many soloists coming out of one school to be a coincidence. Your band director has created a culture that allows people to flourish, I’m really with that kind of spirit.
That’s how it’s felt with the people I’ve heard coming out of Carey…”
Mr James Morrison Head of School, James Morrison Academy.

Our son is currently pursuing his passion playing jazz trumpet at the James Morrison Academy in Mount Gambier. He loves it, and best of all, there are 7 of his Carey mates also enrolled in JMA. Bit like a permanently being on Carey music camp.
He graduated from Carey in 2016, but the love of music began in primary school when he asked if he could learn the drums. We’ll never forget the original drum piece he composed for the primary soiree entitled “Pierson’s Party Piece”. In Year 5, he added trumpet lessons to his weekly music tuition during school. He loved every minute. The music tutors invested a lot of time and effort into the students, and this continued through high school.As a young high school student, Pierson and his mates were in awe of Harry Mitchell., and had aspirations to be as good as him. They begged us to take them to jazz concerts and loved attending the Year 11 and 12 recitals each year.  After a few years in Canada where Pierson was able to attend a regional arts secondary school, we returned to Carey. Pierson  rejoined the music  programme and participated in many events for the college, and along with other Carey students, was accepted into WAYJO.
We highly recommend Carey, and the Music Tuition Programme. We are very grateful for the teachers, administration, technicians and tutors in the music department, who are truly gifted and generous people. And all have made our son’s journey through high school truly memorable.
Peter and Louise Snowsill, Carey parents. 2016


The Music department at Carey Baptist College positively influenced my character
and future pathways in life.
The Carey Baptist College music staff care deeply about the wellbeing of all students. They place a strong emphasis on building strong positive and professional relationships. The staff are some of the best musicians in Australia, who care about education and are extremely good at it. This an extremely rare to find in music departments.
The course builds skilful musicians of the highest, secondary school level in the nation. Every learning experience at Carey is applicable to being a professional musician.
The Carey Music Programme have fostered a culture of inspiration and encouragement for students.
Tristan Neale, 2014 Carey graduate.

“It’s the first time we have had so many students from one school being accepted into our program. This highest we have previously had is two.”
Mrs Judi Morrison Managing Director, James Morrison Academy.

My name is Emily, and I studied WACE music at Carey. I cannot emphasise enough how amazing this opportunity was for me… I was able to network with amazing musicians, be inspired and learn in an environment that pushed me to be the very best I could be.
I have even come back to Carey Music so many times after graduation. The staff are nurturing and inspiring for a young musician, giving students every opportunity to study more than is required, learning more about their craft and spending extra time with students who are struggling or want to explore concepts further.
The Carey Music Programme is an environment where students are both safe to try new things and challenged to be their best. I can honestly say the teaching I received I still use, out of the context of tertiary study but in my extracurricular musical pursuits, and the life lessons I learned, of persistence and determination, and of a healthy learning environment have helped me today.
Emily Newman, 2014 Carey graduate.


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Current Carey families or prospective students are welcome to contact our wonderful Music Administrator via email, phone (08) 9394 9142 or pop into the Harrisdale campus during the school term.