Welcome to Carey’s Primary School

The Carey Baptist College Primary School is a vibrant, compassionate and caring community where staff, parents and children grow and learn together.

Our core College values of honesty, respect, responsibility and service, perseverance, compassion and self-discipline provide the framework for teaching and learning at Carey Primary. With a commitment to excellence in all areas – intellectual, physical, emotional, social and spiritual – it is our aim to help children build strong foundations that will equip them well in the future while encouraging the development of lifelong learning habits.

It is well documented that the early years of a child’s life are critical in the development of their health, learning and behaviours and indeed, it is now recognised that these early years set the course for future success. It is therefore essential that throughout the Primary School years emotional resilience is developed, effective social skills are taught and high standards of behaviour are expected while exposing children to outstanding practice in teaching and learning opportunities.

At Carey we believe that God has created every child as unique, precious and of immeasurable worth! We consider it a privilege to journey with you as together we seek to create an environment that encourages, nurtures and challenges your child to become the very best he or she can be!

Ms. Kellie Newbold
Primary Principal


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Teaching and Learning


In accordance with the Schools Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA), Carey Baptist College operates within the guidelines of the Australian Curriculum and the Curriculum Framework.

The Australian Curriculum is used for the teaching and learning of English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography.  The Curriculum Framework is used for all other learning areas and will be replaced as SCSA approves and uploads the new curriculums onto its website.

The Australian Curriculum and Curriculum Framework identify a number of learning outcomes, which students should demonstrate at various stages of their development. They set out what students should know, understand, value and be able to do as a result of the programs they undertake in a school from Kindergarten to Year 12. 

Pastoral Care

Staff at Carey Primary are committed to building positive and meaningful relationships with students to optimise each child’s learning potential. The College upholds seven core values, with these forming the framework of a whole school approach to Pastoral Care, which encompasses our code of discipline.

Appropriate behaviour is expected, taught and affirmed. Boundaries and expectations for behaviour are clearly defined and explained to students. Consistent consequences are enforced. Where appropriate students are involved in determining boundaries and consequences, thereby encouraging them to take responsibility for their actions.

When dealing with discipline issues that arise, much time goes into counselling the children involved, both at class and administration level, so that they learn how to resolve conflicts and move on. Parents are notified where appropriate so that they are aware of what’s happened and how the issue is being dealt with.

When there are issues such as a death in the family or parent separation, the Primary Chaplain becomes involved to offer counselling to the child and/or other family members, and practical assistance from the Carey Community Baptist Church. Each member of the staff and student community has the right to feel comfortable and safe at school. To this end there is no tolerance for the following:

  • Vandalism
  • Harassment – verbal, physical, bullying
  • Possession and / or sale of illegal substances or materials

Primary pastoral care really focuses on relationships, between both staff and students, and then between staff and families. Parents are encouraged to be involved as much as they are able in their child’s schooling, whether it be helping out with classroom activities, assisting at sporting events and special events such as class performances and concerts.


Carey Baptist College provides many different groups for your child to be involved in with programs that span across the Arts, Sport, and the Community.

  • Sports

    • Gymnastics

      Carey offers four different gymnastic sports at Carey. They are general gymnastics, cheerleading, sport aerobics and a women’s gymnastics.



      • This year there are three extra curricular cheerleading teams running at Carey.
      • All students have to audition to participate in cheerleading extra curricular programs.
      • The Year 8 Dance students also gain experience in cheerleading.
      • All students in cheerleading programs attend State Championships
      • All students involved in the cheerleading program are required to purchase the Carey cheerleading Competition Uniform.
      • This program runs all year round.


      Aerobic Gymnastics

      • Thursday mornings, Sport Aerobics (Aerobic Gymnastics) is offered to all Middle and Senior Year students.
      • No experience required.
      • Students have the opportunity to compete at State Championships
      • This program runs from the beginning of Term 2 to the end of Term 3.
      • There is a fee to either purchase or hire the competition attire.


      Women’s Artistic Gymnastics

      • Women’s Gymnastics is offered as an extra-curricular program to all girls in Middle and Senior School years.
      • No experience required.
      • Girls in Years 4 to 12 are invited to participate in this gymnastics program that runs outside of school hours. This program runs from the beginning of Term 2 to the end of Term 3.
      • This is not a gymnastics club however all girls work towards competing at state-level gymnastics. Therefore all girls compete at the School Inter house Gymnastics Competition and State Championships.
      • There is a fee to either purchase or hire the competition attire and there may be some venue hire costs.


      Year 9/10 Gymnastics

      • Students in Year 9 and 10 have the opportunity to participate in both Aerobic Gymnastics and Women’s Gymnastics during school hours as a specialised subject.


      General Gymnastics

      • All students in Year 7 participate and learn about gymnastics in the Physical Education Program.
      • Please note that these programs are provided for Carey students only. For any further information about any of the gymnastics programs offered at Carey Baptist College please contact Mrs Samantha Kukura at the College.



      Mrs Amy Hutchison (Director of Dance & Gymnastics Teacher) | Phone: (08) 9394 9111

    • Carey United Soccer Club

      Carey United Soccer Club (CUSC) offers an opportunity for your children to learn soccer skills from Kindy through to Year 12. Our emphasis at CUSC is on participation, good sportsmanship, being part of a team and having fun through exercise. Each week the Coach gives an Encouragement Award to one of the players and at the end of the season each player receives a team photograph and trophy at our Family Fun Day in mid-September.

      Teams are made up of both boys and girls playing each Saturday morning from May to September at Carey Baptist College Harrisdale. In the past few years we have welcomed many players from surrounding schools including Thornlie Christian College.

      The teams play within age-based leagues with junior leagues playing by modified rules on smaller pitches, whilst the senior leagues play by full rules on full-size pitches.

      A message from Justin Byatt:


      Connect with us on Facebook!

      All information, registration & contact details are found on the CUSC Facebook Page

    • Equestrian

      Students have the opportunity to compete in various equestrian disciplines – Dressage, Showman, Showjumping, Eventing and Showhorse classes. Riders require a level of competition experience and need to qualify for the Dressage and jumping events by competing at qualifying events to demonstrate their level of competency. Three events are held each year:

      • The Highschool Interschool One Day Event (Term 1)
      • The Interschool Equestrian Championships at the State Equestrian Centre in Brigadoon (April)
      • The High School One Day Event (August)

      New families commencing at the College are advised to contact the Equestrian Team Coordinator, Mrs Kathleen Lacey, as soon as possible to express their interest and to prenominate or nominate their child/children.

      For further official information please visit the Western Australian Equestrian Federation of Australia website. Important deadlines will also be posted on this page for current team riders, so please check this page regularly.



      Equestrian Team Coordinator
      Mrs Kathleen Lacey (Staff) | Phone: (08) 9394 9111 |

  • The Arts

    • Music

      Music Tuition Programme

      Carey Baptist College are proud to have one of the best Music Tuition Programmes in WA, staffed by some of the most skilled musicians and educators in Australia, who are dedicated to the success of our students.


      Year 5 Band

      Following a musical aptitude test given to all Year 4 students, selected children in Year 5 will be given the marvellous opportunity to learn a band instrument at reduced costs; subsidised by the College. Each selected child will have a weekly lesson and band rehearsal culminating in an end of year concert.



      Music Administrator | Mrs Catherine Jones
      Email: | Phone: (08) 9394 9142

      Primary School Music Director | Mr Derek Wood (staff)

      Curriculum Manager – The Arts | Mr Scott Loveday

  • Other

    • We Love Our Earth Club

      A dynamic group of upper-primary students that undertake special eco-friendly initiatives. Enquire at the Primary Administration Office for more information.