Welcome to Carey’s Secondary School

Carey Baptist College is developing a strong reputation for outstanding academic achievement, positive pastoral care and rich diversity of co-curricular activities, including service learning. Our reputation reflects a commitment to provide the best all-round education for our students by challenging them in their intellectual, emotional, physical, social and spiritual development.

At Carey Baptist College, learning takes place within a Christian faithbased values system that encourages students to become independent, creative and flexible learners. This, together with a strong sense of responsibility to their community, reflects the best traditions of an independent Baptist education.

Our aspiration is for Carey students to be young women and men of both character and compassion, looking beyond the ordinary to attempt the extraordinary, and in so doing, making a difference to the world in which they live.

In encouraging our students to develop their potential, we place a major emphasis on supportive teaching and learning environments, both within and beyond the classroom.  

I warmly encourage parents of potential students to visit the college, and meet myself and our leadership teams.  I invite you to experience a tour of our facilities whilst students are at work and have a conversation about how a Carey education could add value to your son or daughter’s life.

A Carey education offers:

  • A tradition of developing exceptional young men and women of character and capacity
  • Outstanding graduation pathways with a wide selection of both ATAR and Vocational qualifications
  • Highly respected Music, Arts and co-curricular programs
  • A safe, rigorous and an engaging learning community

Mr. Brenden Gifford
Principal, Secondary School


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Pastoral Care

It is our belief at Carey that effective pastoral care involves strength, sacrifice and service, and we have a genuine care about the wellbeing of our students.

Pastoral care is central to relationships at Carey between students, parents and staff, and we are aware that there are many opportunities each day to express care for people in our school community. Messages of encouragement to both individuals and groups occur across a range of activities in the daily life of the college.

At Carey, we believe God is our creator and we are made in his image and that all humans are equal. Therefore, we believe that each individual is worthy of an excellent education and we are committed for every student to experience his or her highest level of achievement.

Staff avoid sarcasm, put downs and pessimism and instead use humour, positive affirmation and encouragement as tools for promoting mental health and optimal wellbeing.

As part of our Pastoral Care, we provide support when there is parent separation, or death in the family, we offer inclusive education plans, individual behaviour plans, and individual academic plans, and we employ educational assistants to provide strategic help in class as well as outside of the classroom.

We believe that every child has the right to feel comfortable and safe at school, therefore, at Carey, we have no tolerance for harassment, vandalism and possession of illegal substances or materials.


Carey Baptist College provides many different groups for your child to be involved in with programs that span across the Arts, Sport, Music, and the Community.

  • Carey United Soccer Club

    Carey United Soccer Club (CUSC) offers an opportunity for your children to learn soccer skills from Kindy through to Year 12. Our emphasis at CUSC is on participation, good sportsmanship, being part of a team and having fun through exercise. Each week the Coach gives an Encouragement Award to one of the players and at the end of the season each player receives a team photograph and trophy at our Family Fun Day in mid-September.

    Teams are made up of both boys and girls playing each Saturday morning from May to September at Carey Baptist College Harrisdale. In the past few years we have welcomed many players from surrounding schools including Thornlie Christian College.

    The teams play within age-based leagues with junior leagues playing by modified rules on smaller pitches, whilst the senior leagues play by full rules on full-size pitches.

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