Letter from the Principal 

Welcome to Carey’s Secondary School!

In the big picture, Carey Baptist College exists to nurture young people’s lives intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. With over 840 Secondary School students, ministry and mission set the framework that determines economy (efficient resource management) and cleverness (academic success). We are values-driven, evident in character and the quality of relationships.

The College’s public record of success is a direct reflection of our combined commitment to excellence. We believe God encourages us to have compassionate hearts and rigorous minds. Secondary School students are encouraged to explore their gifts and talents with staff, in accordance with set Curriculum Frameworks.

I believe your son and/or daughter will successfully graduate from Carey with skills and an attitude that will further shape our community (local, national and international) into a better place for all.


Mr Rowan Clark | Secondary School Principal


A Carey education offers:

  • Strong pathways into ATAR courses for academically enabled students

  • Holistic and integrated pastoral care for our Carey students, supporting them well through the Secondary years


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Pastoral Care

It is our belief at Carey that effective pastoral care involves strength, sacrifice and service, and we have a genuine care about the wellbeing of our students.

Pastoral care is central to relationships at Carey between students, parents and staff, and we are aware that there are many opportunities each day to express care for people in our school community. Messages of encouragement to both individuals and groups occur across a range of activities in the daily life of the college.

At Carey, we believe God is our creator and we are made in his image and that all humans are equal. Therefore, we believe that each individual is worthy of an excellent education and we are committed for every student to experience his or her highest level of achievement.

Staff avoid sarcasm, put downs and pessimism and instead use humour, positive affirmation and encouragement as tools for promoting mental health and optimal wellbeing.

As part of our Pastoral Care, we provide support when there is parent separation, or death in the family, we offer inclusive education plans, individual behaviour plans, and individual academic plans, and we employ educational assistants to provide strategic help in class as well as outside of the classroom.

We believe that every child has the right to feel comfortable and safe at school, therefore, at Carey, we have no tolerance for harassment, vandalism and possession of illegal substances or materials.


Carey Baptist College provides many different groups for your child to be involved in with programs that span across the Arts, Sport, Music, and the Community.

  • Carey United Soccer Club

    Carey United Soccer Club (CUSC) offers an opportunity for your children to learn soccer skills from Kindy through to Year 12. Our emphasis at CUSC is on participation, good sportsmanship, being part of a team and having fun through exercise. Each week the Coach gives an Encouragement Award to one of the players and at the end of the season each player receives a team photograph and trophy at our Family Fun Day in mid-September.

    Teams are made up of both boys and girls playing each Saturday morning from May to September at Carey Baptist College Harrisdale. In the past few years we have welcomed many players from surrounding schools including Thornlie Christian College.

    The teams play within age-based leagues with junior leagues playing by modified rules on smaller pitches, whilst the senior leagues play by full rules on full-size pitches.

    A message from Justin Byatt:


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Music Tuition Programme

Carey Baptist College are proud to have one of the best Music Tuition Programmes in WA, staffed by some of the most skilled musicians and educators in Australia, who are dedicated to the success of our students.

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Did you know?

    • The Carey Baptist College Director of Music, Mr Scott Loveday was awarded The Wenger Band Directors Award at the 2016 Generations in Jazz earlier this year, earning Carey students a visit and masterclass by multi-instrumental Australian jazz musician James Morrison. Click here to read the article or check out the programme flyer above.


    • A record number of seven students from Carey have been accepted into the James Morrison Academy in 2017.“It’s the first time we have had so many students from one school being accepted into our program. This highest we have previously had is two.” –Mrs Judi Morrison


    • All of our 2015 Carey music graduates were accepted into WAAPA.